The 3 Most Awaited Events In El Paso for 2017

The city of El Paso, Texas is one of the most festive cities in the United States. The people in town love fun and entertainment. It is one reason why you will never get bored in the city. With that being said, check out the most awaited attractions in El Paso for the upcoming year 2017.

1. Kidspalooza
Date: March 25, 2017


It is an annual event practiced in the city whereas the whole family can enjoy their time together most especially the kids. There are a lot of activities that the children will be excited to join. The special appearance of Curious George and Daniel Tiger is highly anticipated. The whole day is a family day that has been a tradition in El Paso.

2. Sun City Craft Beer Festival
Date: April 29, 2017


It is the biggest craft beer showcase throughout the West Texas where as it will feature different breweries locally as well as nationally. You’ll be amazed to see around sixty breweries which will join the festive event. People will have a lot to enjoy as there will be live music, food and of course, a lot of beer.

3. Tequila  Cerveza Festival
Date: May 06, 2017


If you love Tacos and Tequila, then this event shouldn’t be missed. It is a great festival where there will be a showcase of numerous taco recipes from different local taco shops that will entice your taste buds. You can enjoy the whole day drinking beer while partying with live bands. There will also be some competitions as well that you can join and enjoy like Tequila Olympics and Chihuahua Racing.

If you love the music and fun, mark your calendars as early as now so you can take part of the most awaited festivities in El Paso.